Drunk Driving Facts

The Facts about Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol and Drug

The Facts…

  • Nationally, an alcohol-related crash kills someone every 30 minutes. 
  • In Washington, 294 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents in 1994. 
  • The tab we all shared for alcohol-related crashes in Washington was $465 million. 
  • A 4% reduction in drunken driving nationally would save 1,200 lives, stop 65,000 injuries, and save taxpayers $74 million a year in health care costs. 

What Has Been Done?

  • Nationally, the insurance industry continues to back tough drunk and drugged driving laws and strict enforcement. 
  • Offenders who fail or refuse a blood-alcohol test in Washington State can lose their licenses on the spot. 
  • In Washington, the cars of repeat offenders can be confiscated. 
  • The insurance industry continues to educate the public.

What You Can Do…

  • If you plan to drive, don’t drink or use drugs. 
  • If you host or attend a party where alcohol is served, have designated drivers — and be sure they don’t drink. 
  • Support tougher drunk and drugged driving laws.