How to properly shop for car insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, do your homework first. It is in your best interest to shop around and select your insurer carefully. Your insurer should offer both fair prices and excellent service. These tips will help you find the right insurer for you:

Know your state’s auto insurance requirements:

Most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage – coverage that pays for damages if you are at fault in an accident. Many states have “no-fault” auto insurance systems. Coverage for medical costs for you and your passengers is optional in some states. Coverage for damage to your car is optional.

Write up your personal auto insurance profile:

List pertinent information concerning what type of vehicle you drive, where you drive, who else drives, what your driving record is, where you live, and what optional safety features your car has. This profile will make the next step easier.

Read and understand your policy:

Yes, read the fine print! Ask questions. Keep your policy at hand. Call your insurer to keep your policy up-to-date, inform your agent of any changes (new car, new job, new driver, etc.), and ask periodically about any possible discounts. Review your policy yearly with your insurer.

Always keep your insurance information with you:

Many states require drivers to carry a proof-of-insurance card with them when driving. Even if it isn’t required, it is always a good idea to carry it with you so that you have your insurance information if you ever had an accident. Ask your insurer for a card, and keep it in your wallet or in your car.