What info will be needed for a free car insurance quote?

Always, always, it is in your best interest to give full disclosure of your personal information to an insurance company. Failure to reveal pertinent information to an insurance company is grounds for cancellation of the policy and severe misrepresentation may be grounds for prosecution. An insurance policy is a legal contract and must be entered into with honesty and seriousness.

Here are some things that you must supply to an insurance company:

  • Make and model cars you own. 
  • How many people drive the cars. 
  • How old the drivers are. 
  • Driving records of each household member. 
  • Physical address where the vehicles are parked each night. 
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), 
  • Roughly how many miles you drive each year. 
  • What kind of liability coverage you will need.

The insurance company will also ask you whether your vehicles have passive restraint systems or air bags, anti-lock brakes or anti-theft devices. If you have any of these you might receive a discount on your auto policy. You should also mention if you or other drivers in your household have completed safe-driving courses and if student drivers in your home are getting good grades — both of these may qualify you for discounts on your auto policy.

Once the insurance company has assembled all of the information, a premium will be quoted to you. The premium will depend on all the factors above and on the deductibles you choose.